Peyton FitzGerald

Growing Up

Peyton FitzGerald grew in a middle-class part of Stockton California. She grew up next to one high school and was bussed to yet another. She excelled at that high school academically and athletically as a distance runner and dancer.

Off to College

Peyton FitzGerald was a naturally gifted dancer and decided to go to Long Beach State which had a renowned dancing program.

A Big Move

Without graduating and not much money in your pocket she bought a one-way ticket to London, a dancing Mecca, and took up professional dancing. When Peyton was younger and her father was in the military, she moved to Panama. What she found in Panama was that skin color was not important. This is one of the things that drove her to London where skin color is also, not important.


Peyton Fitzgerald, not staying in one place for very long finally moved to a place she would stay decades. With a talent for languages she learned Danish rather quickly an integrated into their society. She did many things while in Denmark. First of all she produced two CDs and won a Grammy, she acted in multiple shows and movies and was part of the show that won an Oscar. Then she worked on the production team for a Far East Travel Documentary and spent four years as a marketing and sales manager for Reebok Scandinavia expanding that into France and Germany.

Peyton FitzGerald used her time in Denmark to get a Bachelors Degree and a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy.

Sister gets Sick

What brought Peyton Fitzgerald back to United States was a sick sister with bone cancer. This sister needed transportation to doctors and someone to love her. She supported her sister until she died.

Peyton FitzGerald Meets Her Husband

Peyton has always been athletic so it makes sense that she ran into her future husband at a golf driving range. A conversation started and three years later she married.

San Diego Bound

Peyton moved with her husband to the San Diego area to be closer to his family. While in San Diego she accomplished a very difficult major at the Top Ten University of California at San Diego for Neuroscience, she is now a Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscientist.