Patrick FitzGerald – Dad

Beloved Father of Jim Has Passed Away

Patrick FitzGerald

Patrick Grew up in Beverly Hills

Both of Patrick FitzGerald’s parents were actors. As was common at the time, Patrick FitzGerald was sent to boarding school for his education. Following this, he went to Beverly Hills high school. After high school, he attended USC.


While attending USC, World War II started, which stirred Patrick’s sense of patriotism. Since America was not in World War II at the time, Patrick joined the Canadian Air Force as a pilot.

When the US joined the war Patrick FitzGerald moved back to the US to become a pilot. Unfortunately, Patrick’s colorblindness did not allow this. Patrick performed many tasks as part of the US military including instructing self defense.

He traveled around the Cape of Good Hope to start in India and travel into China. While traveling around the Cape of Good Hope, the ship progressed through a terrible storm. Once one person threw up, everybody was throwing up.

He took a train from India to China. While traveling in China he encountered a truck full of troops racing the train to a crossing. The truck did not make it and the train hit it, killing the troops. What he found shocking was that the Chinese troops on the train were laughing as they were throwing the dead bodies up onto the train.

Patrick Primarily was a Public Relations Master

After the war Patrick FitzGerald attained employment with Pan American Airways. He worked in their office’s while living in Menlo Park California. Soon he was transferred to Japan where we lived for two years. My brother Brian was born in Japan. Patrick sought employment in Southern California next.

Patrick, while living in Southern California, he worked for both General Atomics and Litton Industries. As a side story when I was a child. I went through a dictionary, to find a word he didn’t know. I could not find one.

Retired to Become a Rancher

Patrick FitzGerald tired of the public relations business and decided to move his family to his wife’s families ranch in Northern California. The 300 acre ranch was not large enough to sustain the family, so he bought a backhoe and used it to augment his income.

After doing that for a few years he retired back down to Southern California.

Back to Southern California

Patrick with his wife moved to Rancho Bernardo and then finally to Escondido where he passed away on 10/28/1996.